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March 2017 Newsletter


We still struggle with changes in regulations since our Club was built. Our energy supplier arrived recently to fit a smart meter.

However, it now appears the main cabling into the Club is housed in metal, which, now to conform, needs to be in plastic.

This will mean we will be without power for a day and have to close whilst the piping is excavated and replaced. For those of you that are of a certain age, our recent experiences make me recall Flanders and Swann singing “The Gas Man Cometh”!

You may remember the man comes to replace a gas tap and then various other trades attend to put the house straight. It finishes with the gas man returning, as the decorator has painted over the gas tap!

It is that time of year when we set the subscriptions for the year.

It honestly was my intention to make no increase in the charges this year, however there will be a small increase. This will, be £5 each on Outdoor and Indoor charges. With the greater use of our Summer Indoor facility, this will rise by £10 a season.

The reason for the increase is that sadly, our membership numbers have dropped. This is the key factor in our subscription rate and the success of our Club.

There are now virtually no areas that we can make any further savings thus reducing our costs. That is unless we all want to pitch in and do the cleaning, the bar, the accounts and the greens ourselves!

Clubs that are run on this basis will, in my view, have problems in the near future, as most members are no longer able or prepared to take these duties.

So finally back to membership. The Board and Committees work hard to attract new members, but we need help and input from all members. Your ideas will be welcomed, it has been suggested we host a fun match against our Social Members, who might bring family and friends along.

By far the best recruiting tool is “Bring a Friend”.

Remember we lose around 20/30 a year due to age, health, fitness etc every year.

We have a good team of coaches, so if just a few could persuade a neighbour or relation to try our sport, we could at least hold our numbers. So please try and help your Club and keep our subscriptions down.

Having said that, based on playing a couple of times a week, we are on a par or considerably cheaper than our closest indoor clubs.

We will soon be playing outdoors now! Have a good season.

Green Damage

With age we all suffer some form of disability of one form and another and are unable to get low enough to deliver a wood correctly, this unfortunately comes with age.

There are certain members who persistently throw their bowls down on the carpet. Those members are doing untold damage not only to the carpet but more so the underlay.

Our advice to those members is to invest in a some coaching or buying a Bowling Arm. You may not be aware that the club has a bowling arm in the main office, which members are able to try out to see how they get on with it. This is only for trying out, not to use on a permanent basis.

The club is considering putting up notices similar to the one above on the ends of rinks to try to preserve the carpet and underlay from any further damage.

Taking into account the cost of a new carpet and underlay, which we have undertaken recently it is not unreasonable for the club to ask those members who throw their woods down to think about the damage being done to the underlay.

Summer Indoor Bowls

Organised programme for the Summer 2017

MONDAY                MIXED BALLOT 2pm - 4pm

TUESDAY               MIXED BALLOT 10am -12pm

WEDNESDAY         LEAGUE MATCHES (Triples 14 ends) 2pm start

THURSDAY            MIXED BALLOT 10am - 12pm

THURSDAY            FRIENDLIES / CUP MATCHES (Triples) 2pm start


The Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Ballots are open to all Summer Indoor bowlers. The Tuesday and Thursday Ballots have been established for a number of years. The Monday pm Ballots is a new venture, this is its first full season, please give it your support. For more details on the Monday Ballot please contact Paul Sparkes on 01883 347 022.

On Wednesday we have a full League programme of triples over 14 ends. Currently there are eight teams with just a few vacancies. If you wish to join the league please contact Terry McCusker on 020 8408 3793 or 07957 679 971 as soon as possible or add your name to the list in the entrance lobby.

On Thursday we have Friendlies against other clubs, both home and away and Cup games involving the Wednesday League teams, the format for friendlies is triples over 18 ends. Cup games and triples over 14 ends.

On Friday we have a Football Tournament, but it is all about bowls. This is great fun an very good drawing practiced to the Jack. Currently we have five teams and are looking to increase this to eight teams. For more details please contact Ray Pothecary on 01737 668 361.








Men’s League

Saturday 28th January versus Croydon. Sutton 101shots, Croydon 156 shots. Sutton 4 points, Croydon 14 points.

Sunday 19th February versus Donyngs. Sutton 147 shots, Donyngs 100 shots. Sutton 14 points, Donyngs 4 points.

Men’s Friendlies

Sunday 29th January versus London Welsh BA. Sutton 128 shots, London Welsh 72 shots.

Saturday 4th February versus Wealden. Sutton 143 shots, Wealden 76 shots.

Sunday 5th February versus Surrey MBA. Sutton 143 shots, Surrey MBA 77 shots.

Saturday 11th February versus Adur. Sutton 96 shots, Adur 133 shots.

Sunday 26th February versus London Scottish. Sutton 143 shots, London Scottish 107 shots.


Tuesday 10th January versus Arun. Sutton 101 shots, Arun 133 shots.

Thursday 19th January versus Adur. Sutton 119 shots, Adur 88 shots.

Thursday 2nd February versus King George Field. Sutton 89 shots, King George Field 89 shots.

Tuesday 7th February versus Eastbourne & District. Sutton 114 shots, Eastbourne & District 112 shots.

Thursday 16th February Sutton versus SCWIBA. Sutton 127 shots. SCWIBA 89 shots. An excellent win for the ladies.

Thursday 23rd February. SPECIAL MATCH DAY. This was arranged to bridge the developing divide and encourage more ladies into match involvement.


Sutton versus Old Coulsdon. Sutton 43 shots, Old Coulsdon 43 shots. Sutton 6 points, Old Coulsdon 10 points. This was a re-arranged game.

Top Club

Sutton played Riverain on 28th January. Unfortunately Sutton were beaten by a very good team but a great achievement by our team in getting this far.

Mixed Games

Saturday 28th January versus Shirley Park. Sutton 144 shots, Shirley park 93 shots.

Wednesday 1st February versus Grattons. Sutton 127 shots, Grattons 96 shots.

Sunday 12th February versus Shopland Select BA. Sutton 129 shots, Shopland Select 91 shots.

Sunday 19th February versus Carshalton Beeches BC. Sutton 133 shots, Carshalton Beeches 82 shots.

Saturday 25th February versus Wallington and Purley Bury. Sutton 000 shots, Wallington and Purley Bury 000 shots.

Mixed ESML

Wednesday 11th January versus Mole Valley. Sutton 59 shots, Mole Valley 40 shots. Sutton 18 points, Mole Valley 4 points.

Wednesday 11th January versus Old Coulsdon. Sutton 71 shots,

Old Coulsdon 49 shots. Sutton 18 points, Old Coulsdon 4 points.

Wednesday 9th February versus Mole Valley. Sutton 47 shots, Mole Valley 69 shots. Sutton 4 points, Mole Valley 18 points.

Wednesday 15th February versus Croydon. Sutton 149 shots, Croydon 67. Sutton 22 points, Croydon 0 points.

Epsom Plan E Highway Improvements

Highway Improvements

“Securing a successful future for Epsom Town Centre”

A package of measures for Epsom Town Centre to reduce congestion, improve safety and enhance the attractiveness of the town centre.


As the main town centre in the Borough, Epsom plays a vital role in the community, being the focus for a range of services and activities. Like most town centres, it faces a variety of challenges and pressures.

What is plan E?

Epsom ‘Plan E’ refers to the Area Action Plan (AAP) adopted by the Borough Council in 2011. The Plan E AAP is a long term strategy for the town centre and provides a framework for future change in Epsom up to 2026. As a long term development plan, it will help deliver the Borough Council’s objectives and aspirations for the town centre. It builds on the vision for the town centre set out in the Borough’s Core Strategy adopted in 2007.

Epsom has seen significant change and this is likely to continue. It is therefore important to plan to ensure that Epsom reaches its full potential and remains a vibrant and distinctive place where people want to visit, work, live and study.

The Epsom Plan E Highway Improvements scheme has been developed to reduce the impact of congestion in Epsom town centre.

What does the scheme aim to achieve?

The highway improvements included under Plan E aim to deliver the vision of the town centre Area Action Plan and promote economic growth by reducing congestion, improving accessibility and enhancing the quality and attractiveness of the town centre with safe and convenient pedestrian movements.

The Epsom Plan E highway improvements scheme seeks to address the dominance of the A24 traffic over pedestrian accessibility and provide uncluttered and attractive streets.

Scheme history

The Plan E Area Action Plan consultation in 2008/09 considered 3 options to reconfigure the highway network through the town centre. These were:

Option 1: Make High Street (West) accessible to buses and cyclists only, by diverting traffic via Station Approach.

Option 2:  Return South Street to two-way traffic to shorten some journeys.

Option 3: Make Ashley Road and Ashley Avenue two-way. High Street (West) would be accessible to buses and cyclists.

Highway and traffic feasibility design has discounted Options 1 and 3 due to required land take, high costs and required demolition of properties, some of which are nationally or locally listed. Delivery of either Option 1 or 3 is therefore considered impractical and detrimental to the town centre’s historic environment.

The work on the above scheme is underway. Some work is being done at during the night. The work on the new bus stands is underway and will be in Ashley Avenue behind the Ashley Centre. For anyone wishing to find out more about the proposed scheme please check out the web site below.

To all members who have a Mobile telephone

All emergency telephone numbers should be entered into each members Mobile phone under ICE (In Case of Emergency). Then Ambulance Crews, Doctors, Police and Fire Brigade know to look on your phone as a matter of procedure should your Next of Kin, or appointed Neighbour need to be contacted should you require medical assistance.

Each member is responsible to keep the information up to date.

Anyone unsure how to do this should contact Marilyn Walsh who will be able to assist you.

Liaison Officer

Dot Power is the New Members Liaison Officer for both Indoors and Outdoors. Please note her valued involvement in the Club.

A special thanks to Diane Hannon and

Mike Thompson for the amount of time and effort they have put in, selecting the Mixed friendly and ESML games.

 To all those who took part in those games

well done.

  A wonderful achievement in winning every Friendly game this season.