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Sutton Bowling Club
Outside Honours
Year  Competition 

SCBA Two Wood Singles Winner Steve Shanley

S&DBA Arthur Hughes Triples Winners Robert Wharf, John Cocoracchio, Dave Pease

S&DBA BLESMA Pairs Winners  Colin Wilkins, Steve Shanley

London & Southern Counties Area Finalists - David Goldberg, Graham White


SCBA Area 3 Fours Winners:

Tony Wood, Colin Wilkins, Graham White, David Goldberg

SCBA New Surrey League Top 10 Finalists


SCBA Champion of Champions Winner - Steve Shanley



S&DBA BLESMA Pairs Winners Keith Adams/Steve Shanley

Worthing Open Fours Winners

Terry Buckland/Roger Graves/Keith Adams/Steve Shanley




SCBA Champion of Champions Finalist Steve Shanley

East Surrey League Top 10 Winners

Past Times Trophy – Winners

S&DBA BLESMA Pairs Finalists Tony Wood/Joe Smith

Worthing Open Fours Winners

Terry Buckland/Roger Graves/Keith Adams/Steve Shanley

2009 BE National Over 60’s Singles Zone Finalist Neil Asten


Awarded Life Membership – Alf Medlin/David Miller


SCBA Singles Finalist Steve Shanley

EBA Over 55’s Pairs Regional Finalists Keith Adams/Steve Shanley

S&DBA Paston Cup Winner Keith Adams

S&DBA Yonwin Cup   Finalists

Past Times Trophy Winners


EBA Over 55’s National Pairs Quarter Finalists Neil Asten & Partner

SCBA Champion of Champions Finalist Steve Shanley

Worthing Open Pairs Finalists Steve Shanley/Keith Adams

2004 Tons League Winners

Past Times Trophy Winners

Bournemouth Open Triples Winners Neil Asten & Partners

2001 National Over 55’s Pairs Area Winners John MacDonald/Iain Reid

S&DBA Yonwin Cup   Winners

NSL Top 10 Winners

1999 SCBA Leopard Award H F Harding
1998 Tons League Winners



SCBA Hon. Vice President Lew Stevens

East Surrey League Champions

East Surrey League Top 10 Finalists

S&DBA Arthur Hughes Triples Winners

L Dunn/Ray Watson/John MacDonald

Brighton Open Singles Winner Iain Reid

SCBA County Coach Lew Stevens


SCBA Singles Finalist John Roll

Tons League Winners


Tons League Winners

S&DBA Paston Cup Winner S E Arundell

1992 Tons League Winners
1989 S&DBA BLESMA Pairs Winners J E Gregory/R D Moretti
1988 S&DBA Yonwin Cup Winners
1985 SCBA Triples Winners D Lee/T West/M J Hill
1994 Times Herald Winners
1975/76 SCBA Senior Vice President A J Bell
1973 Tons League Winners
1972 SCBA Pairs Winners W Oldham/J A Duke
1966 SCBA Triples Finalists W Oldham/R I Hill/A D M Webb

SCBA President T Gordon

Littlehampton Open Pairs Winners W A Hayden/R I Hill

1948 SCBA President S F Hayem

SCBA Triples Finalists R J Froome/G F Scruby/S F Hayem

SCBA Fours Finalists M V Ely/S H Pratt/A Williamson/S F Hayem